Friday, April 16, 2010

Milwaukee gallery night: my picks

from Terrible Beauties, by Rebecca Schoeneker

Here is at least a partial list of galleries I hope to visit this evening for Milwaukee's spring gallery night. There's a lot going on including many shows that involve one or more of my friends. It's not going to be easy to get to them all!

(Unfortunately, I for one can't do the gallery day thing tomorrow because I'll be out cleaning rivers for the annual Earth Day river clean up sponsored by Milwaukee Riverkeeper. Arts without borders, life without borders, metaphors without borders: one does have to draw a line sometimes!)

Sonja Thomsen at Dean Jensen.
In the Balance at Walker's Pt Center for the Arts. (WPCA has moved! Check the link for the address.)
Terrible Beauties at Redline.
Big Star at the Portrait Society.
Taking it to the Streets at Light Ideas Gallery.
Sweeping The Pool of Light by the Parachute Project. Check the link for details.
I always try to make it to MIAD for the senior thesis exhibitions.
And artswithoutborders would be remiss not to include the younger generation's creative output: Student work facilitated by Troy Freund's artis-in-residency at Story School.

Of course I will have to show up at the annual CoPA show, not only because of the vast range of work that will be on display in one place, but because I have four pieces of my own there.

Then there's the MARN Treasure Hunt. Too complicated to explain. Check out the facebook page at Treasure Hunt. This would take all night and more to do it justice. Fortunately, there is more time. This event continues next weekend at the West Side Art Walk. More on that later.

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