Friday, February 22, 2013

Milwaukee Art Museum's new photo curator: Lisa Sutcliffe

The new exhibit of color photography, appropriately titled "Color Rush," opened last night at the Milwaukee Art Museum and is already receiving rave reviews (check out Art City, Third Coast Digest and OnMilwaukee.) Kudos for this tour de force go to MAM's former curator of photography, Lisa Hostetler, along with Katherine Bussard, who is associate curator of photography at the Art Institute of Chicago. The museum was packed. Two talks about the show were given yesterday and both sold out. It's great to see so many people interested in art, especially photography!

I agree that it's a wonderful show and I don't feel the need to add to what others are saying about it.

However, as a contributor to Art City I was able to interview the new curator of photography, whose name also happens to be Lisa. It was posted today to coincide with the new exhibit opening. I invite you to read my interview: Art City Asks: Lisa Sutcliffe. (Art City Asks is a regular feature of Art City.)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Best in Show of Envronmental Art

The Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship at Concordia University is hosting Shorelines, their first annual exhibit of Environmental Art through Feb. 22. I am honored to report that at the opening Friday night my piece entitled Storm won Best of Show. Storm (above) was one of two pieces I had accepted into the show. The other, Ice and Fog, is below.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Paige Rice at Gallery 2622

It was damn cold last night! My wife and I were going to check out a few gallery openings but we didn't get past our first one. Fortunately, it was a welcome discovery.

Gallery 2622 in Wauwatosa is showing the work of Paige Rice, who is a MIAD student working on a double major in Photography and Communication Design.

The primary exhibit is spare and evocative. The images are mostly of blurred trees. The prints are black & white and large in scale. They float, appropriately, I thought, unmatted and unframed against the while gallery walls. 

This lovely installation is supplemented with a shelf full of beautifully crafted hand-made books. Don't be put off by the request to use the white cotton gloves provided. They are well worth the effort to page through them.

Many of the images in the books, like this one titled "Reflective Perceptive 1," are delicate meditations on intimate details of nature and water.

The exhibit, which is called simply, "In My Life," runs through the end of February. Gallery 2622 is open by appointment.

Photographs courtesy