Monday, July 11, 2011

Art is life and death

"This is the heart of the matter - art, truly, is not a commercial proposition. This is not "idealism." This is the truth. Art is life and death, nothing less. When it is less than that, it isn't art. Money is only one form of value, often acting merely as representative for more profound ones. True art patrons know this - therefore, they look to patronize art that clues us in on our fundamental humanity and core values. Artists are not entertainers. We're not fantasists. Richard Tuttle said only art can show the truth of our existence. I don't disagree. Ad Reinhardt called art commerce and art as entertainment a "suicide burlesque." That phrase crossed my mind more than once last Friday, strolling the fair. A carnival of the frivolous. I don't have the time. None of us really do."

That is a quote, which I found provocative, from Titus O'Brien. I got it from a blog about ArtChicago by Paul Klein. To see the rest of his post, click here. I think it's interesting that Klein considers Fred Stonehouse a Chicago artist even though he lives in Milwaukee.

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  1. Hi Eddee,
    Yes, it is interesting that Fred Stonehouse is being called a Chicago artist. He was born in West Allis, attended high school and college in Milwaukee, currently teaches art at UW-Madison and lives in Slinger! He is participating in our "Summer in Wisconsin" exhibition and created new work specifically for this show. I hope you can visit the gallery soon. The show includes work by more than 30 outstanding Wisconsin artists and is up until September 3rd.
    Best, Christine Anderson, Tory Folliard Gallery