Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Creating an Artist's Book: A workshop with Max Yela and Eddee Daniel, Session 2

Developing the Artist's Book: Concept and Practice
Part II: The Return

A book design and self-publishing workshop at the Lynden Sculpture Garden

You do not need to have attended Session 1 to participate in Session 2. 

April 2, 2016 - 1:00 - 4:00 pm. 

Book design has been an increasingly important aspect of my artistic practice. In the past eight years I have created 15 self-published books using online services Blurb and MagCloud. In this workshop I will share my experience and help you create your own book.

I am delighted to be joined by Max Yela, head of the UWM Special Collections Library. Max has an impressive knowledge of all kinds of books, bookmaking processes and book design ideas. His contributions will complement my own and provide a deeper understanding about how to create your own artist's book.

Session one of this workshop was held on Feb. 20 with a lively and engaged group of 9 participants. While many of them are planning to return for the second session, others are welcome to join in as there is room for more.

Here is what we covered in session 1:

Photographer and book artist Eddee Daniel and book-arts theorist Max Yela offered an introduction to the practical and theoretical approaches to working with the book form as art medium. Participants were introduced to concepts and approaches for developing an artist's book project. Skills and techniques were discussed, including the basics of self-publishing a digital, print-on-demand book.  

Using hands-on exercises and examples of artist's books from Special Collections at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries and Eddee Daniel’s personal book samples, we discussed basic book-arts concepts, including movement, pacing, and rhythm in book design; image editing for narrative sequence; form as meaning ("function follows form"); 2D and 3D composition in book design; "time" as a design element; the function of text as a visual component of design; color transformations; and the role of materials in conveying meaning and expression.

Session 2: The Return
There will be a brief review of concepts and themes introduced in Session 1. 

The main thrust of this session is for attendees to bring ideas, images, mock-ups, etc. to discuss and critique as possible book projects. Images may be brought either in print or digital formats. Each participant in this session will present their concepts and materials for review and critique by the group within the context of the ideas and approaches explored in Session 1.

Fee: $50/$45 members. 

To register, go to the Lynden Sculpture Garden website.

To see a complete listing of my photo books, go to my website.

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