Thursday, June 6, 2013

Photo-Eye opening in Santa Fe

Photo-Eye is Santa Fe's premier venue for photography. In addition to a physical gallery they have a significant online presence and well-respected publications.

I went to the opening of their current show last night.

New York photographer John Delaney is showing Golden Eagle Nomads, portraits of Kazakh hunters in Mongolia. (Delaney explained that his subjects had been driven out of Kazakhstan by the soviets.)

LA photographer Svjetlana Tepavcevic is showing Means of Reproduction. She calls the images of seeds portraits to express her personal connection with the subjects. She captures the images directly on a flatbed scanner without using a camera.

I found both bodies of work fascinating as well as beautiful in their own ways. The prints are stunning and both photographers stressed the importance of the physicality of the printmaking for them, despite obvious differences. Delaney, who works as a darkroom technician and has printed for the likes of Richard Avedon, is using traditional wet darkroom methods. Tepavcevic whole process is digital, with archival ink jet prints as the final outcome.

To see more of their work and read their artist statements, go to Photo-Eye.

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