Sunday, April 3, 2011

Art in Bloom at Milwaukee Art Museum

Springtime comes early at the Milwaukee Art Museum, floral bouquets fill galleries throughout its various spaces, and mobs of people come to enjoy the combination of traditional and horticultural arts. The florists endeavor not only to create extraordinary arrangements but to reflect on a particular work of art in the collection. In my opinion, some tried too hard to mimic the work that inspired them, while the more successful ones achieved a congruent mood through color and gesture.

So, here are a few snapshots from the displays. Coincidentally, many of the flower arrangements that most appealed to me related to some of my favorite paintings, sculptures, and artists. See if you recognize the artists that inspired the selections below. (There will be a quiz at the end.)

This one was the People's Choice Award winner
This one was the First Place Award winner
For those trying to guess the artist, a fair warning:
this one is a "trick question"!
OK, So how many of the artists who were the inspiration for the floral designers do you know? Feel free to leave a comment with the answers cued to the identifying letters A - G.


  1. B is David Lenz's touching portrait of his son, Sam. Gives me goosebumps every time I see it.

  2. Barbara Krueger. You pointed the camera wrong, though the falling stones do complement it too.

    I did not agree with the judges. I did like the black door by O'keefe and much more than the second place rendition of her pansies or whatever. Nor was I that carried away by the first place winner though I thought it was clever and well done. It just was not appealing as a floral arrangement. The ones that most struck me were the one accompanying the Castiglione and that with the Larry Rivers.

  3. I "pointed the camera wrong?" !!! Please. That was the trick question - and congratulations, Peter, you got it right! (I liked the Rivers piece, too.)